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Home Inspection

Wichita, KS and Surrounding Areas

If you are buying or even selling a home, it is important to get a home inspection from a certified inspector. We thoroughly inspect your home and highlight the positives and the negatives in an extensive inspection report with pictures and text of any potential problems. Our Certified Professional Inspector will make sure you are educated about your home after or during the inspection. Your Home Inspection is an investment. If the inspection reveals that your home is in good condition, then you can continue with the purchase. If problems are uncovered, then you must either compel the seller to fix the problem before the sale, make adjustments to the selling price, or receive money at the closing for necessary repairs. Contact Birds Eye Home Inspection to schedule your next Home Inspection.


Mold Inspection

Wichita, KS and Surrounding Areas

Mold is a serious issue and you must be cautious when dealing with it for health reasons. When the right indoor conditions are present, mold can be very hazardous to your health. EPA studies indicate that the level of indoor mold counts can be two to three times higher than outdoor levels. As Certified Professional Inspectors, we have the technology needed to inspect for mold in places you would least expect it to grow. If mold is spotted in your home, we can give you the proper resources to have it removed. Our trained and Certified Professional Inspectors will also be able to find the source, so you can stop it from occurring again. Contact Birds Eye Home Inspection to schedule your next Mold Inspection.


Hello, my name is Cornelius Porter. I am the owner/operator of Birds Eye Home Inspection Services. I am certified and trained by the International Association of Certified Inspectors, the world’s largest nonprofit association of residential and commercial property inspectors. InterNACHI provides its members with accredited training and education, expert advice and peer support. I have successfully completed 120 hours of training at American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT). I am also a member of the Kansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors. All this is to help me serve you, by providing me with the highest-quality inspections for your largest investments.

Buying a home is a big investment. The last thing a homeowner wants to find out after moving in is some major defect in their home. The goal is to give the buyer peace of mind before closing on a home. That’s what makes a home inspection so important. I encourage potential buyers to accompany me during the home inspection. I encourage them to ask questions, so I can address concerns, and make recommendations. 

My goal as an inspector is to gather as much information from the home and relay it to the buyer in terms they can understand. I provide each inspection with an inspection report that is detailed and easy to understand, along with recommendations to problems found.


Radon Testing

Wichita, KS and Surrounding Areas

Have a Certified Professional Inspector perform a radon test at your home or property. Radon is a gas that is cancer causing and must be dealt with if found in your home. Radon can’t be seen by the naked eye so specific tests need to be done to identify this poison. Radon levels can be higher in structures that are well-insulated. A radon test is a small price to pay in addition to your regular home inspection, but it will keep you safe and give you the satisfaction that your home is protected. Contact Birds Eye Home Inspection to schedule your next Radon Test.


Home Energy Audit

Wichita, KS and Surrounding Areas

Getting a home inspection is great, but it is also important to get a Home Energy Audit. Our Certified Professional Inspector will use specific equipment to figure out how much heat can be conserved as well as keeping the cold in or out. With an energy audit, the inspector will be able to give you references on things like what temperature to keep your thermostat at and how effective your insulation is. This allows your home to run efficiently and save you money. Contact Birds Eye Home Inspection to schedule your next Home Energy Audit.

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